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Vodafone, Glide Through Christmas

Martin Freeman 'Glides Through Christmas' in Vodafone’s festive spot from Oglivy and MPC

Vodafone’s 2018 Christmas advert sees Martin Freeman return in a panic when he realises he has forgotten to buy a present for a family member.

In the light-hearted spot from Oglivy, with visual effects from MPC, Freeman is so pleased his girlfriend was able to effortlessly order the last-minute present using her phone, he proceeds to dazzle us with an incredible ice-skating performance.

VFX Supervisor Jonathan Box gave an insight into how the skating scene was achieved: "We captured the performance of the professional skater over the course of an evening from multiple angles. The following day the Director selected his preferred takes which form the basis of the final commercial. Martin Freeman was then tasked with matching the performance of the pro skater. As he can't skate this was achieved by building a custom turntable rig which could be pushed and spun around the rink whilst the camera department tried to mimic the camera moves as accurately as possible. During the post phase of the project Martin’s head was rotoscoped and placed over the pro skaters head to create the final shots."  







Oglivy UK

Executive Producer

Kim Parrett

Executive Creative Director

Jules Chalkley

Production Company

Independant Films


Gary Freedman

Executive Producer

Jani Guest


Chris McBride


Stephen Keith Roach




Philip Whalley


Matthieu Toullet

VFX Supervisor

Jonathan Box


Emre Aypar