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Halifax, Make It Happen

MPC teams up with adam&eveDDB to ‘make it happen’ in new Halifax advert

Celebrating the feeling of excitement that comes with owning your new home, Halifax’s latest advert follows a Slinky moving into a new house with its family, all to the beat of the uplifting classic 70’s track ‘Jungle Boogie’. 

The campaign from adam&eveDDB was directed by The Sacred Egg, through Riff Raff, with MPC leading on the VFX.

MPC’s VFX Supervisor Alex Lovejoy described how the energetic, dancing Slinky, came to life via a combination of puppetry and CG: “The director’s wanted to film the slinky in camera as much as possible, however, early tests with the puppeteers soon showed there would be restrictions with some of its movements, such as when the Slinky walks down the stairs and through the hallway. The decision was made to support the live action with CG.”

Fabian Frank, Head of Creature Development at MPC, led the CG, replicating and modelling the in-camera slinky: “What was cool was how the in-camera puppeteering and CG complemented each other so well” he explained. On some of the challenges, he added: “It was tricky to find the balance between this being a physical object that had to react to the laws of physics but is also a living thing. We needed to find a way to add that character whilst basing it in reality. We did a lot of previs work at the beginning to figure out how to give the slinky its attitude and the animation in its walk.”

The Slinky may have been the star of the show, but plenty of additional VFX work was involved in bringing the joy-filled spot together. Alex Lovejoy gave an insight into how some of the pivotal scenes came about: “In the scene where the Slinky jumps onto the counter and gets stuck on the pizza, we did a pass on set where we gave the pizza box a wiggle by hand and then animated the pizza slices to make it look like the slinky was really stuck in the cheese.”

When Slinky glides through the hallway and the floor tiles light up, the team at MPC worked closely with the director and the production designer to figure out how this could be achieved. “The solution was to build a set 4ft off the ground so that LED lights could be built into the light-up floor. A lot of motion tests were done early on as proof of concept and to work out the beat of the Slinky with the music” explained Alex.

For the living room scene it was not possible to light a wooden floorboard from underneath, so the production designer, Nathan Parker, decided to light the floorboards with a projector from above. The background and the view out of the window were added in later.

The end shot of the street exterior was filmed on a snowy day in January. The team was tasked with the extensive job of removing the snow in post-production, and creating the warm sunny evening you see at the end of the spot.

The team at MPC were also responsible for creating multiple digital assets for the campaign including Facebook content, escalator ribbons to be shown in major underground stations and bespoke animations for rotating screens at Lakeside Shopping Centre.





Creative Agency



Ben Stilitz

Art Director

Colin Booth


Hannah Needham


Richard Brim

Group ECD

Ben Tollet

Production Company

Riff Raff Films


The Sacred Egg


Alex Barber


Matthew Fone


Jane Tredget


Sam Bould @ Cut&Run




Richard Fearon & Matthieu Toullet


Ryan Hancocks

VFX Supervisor

Alex Lovejoy

VFX Assists

Alexander Kulikov, Dan Benjamin, David Felipe, Ed Taylor, Lucie Brant, Mauro Nodari

CG Supervisor

Fabian Frank

Animation Lead

Chris Welsby

CG Team

Alessandro Granella, Arnau Gilabert, Benjamin Tron, David Bryan, Ed Sherwood, Kiril Mirkov, Matilde Nygaard Vinther, Maximilian Mallmann, Radu Ciubotariu, Selcuk Ergen, William Laban

MPC Bangalore

Line Producer

Kedar J


Akula Srikanth, Shalwin Shaiju, Venkata S, Karthik S


Craig Savio Padua


Kiran Veeraswarapu, Maneesh Kumar, Naresh, Prasanth Palaparthi, Sreejimol CP


Suhas Bhat, Sreenivasa Aditya Yanamalachintala, Ankit Dheraj Toppo, Srikanth S