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Cushelle, Kenny Koala

MPC Creative & Publicis introduce Kenny for Cushelle

To launch ‘Kenny’ the new mascot for Cushelle, Director at MPC Creative; Diarmid Harrison-Murray joins force with Publicis, to evolve the cuddly-soft, yet mischievous Koala.

Behind The Scenes




Publicis London


Diarmid Harrison-Murray

Production Company

MPC Creative

Creative Director & Digital ECD

Pav Themistocleous


Poulami (Polo) Chakraborty

Art Director

Julia Earthrowl

Producer, Publicis London

Betsy Kelly



VFX Executive Producer

Jonathan Davies

VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz

3D VFX Supervisor

Fabian Frank

2D VFX Supervisor

Andrew Roberts

Environment Lead Artist

Michelle Tolo

VFX Team

Luca Maccarelli, Chloe Dawe, Thanos Topouzis, Max Mallmann, Bjorn Blaabjerg, Steve Oakley, David Bryan, Tim Van Hussen, Andreas Feix, SelvaKumar K, Baskaran S & Sumesh Chammancheri