MPC Academy Bangalore applications now open

MPC Academy Bangalore applications now open

MPC Academy

MPC Academy is our in-house finishing school.

We are now accepting applicants to learn roto or matchmove for feature film VFX.

Apply now to become a trainee where you will be paid to learn. Students will be taken on for 8-12 weeks paid fulltime training delivered by experienced feature film VFX professionals. The artists who graduate will go on to work on feature film VFX for some of the biggest movies of the year. MPC's recent projects include Terminator Genisys, Into The Woods and Guardians of the Galaxy and we have some really exciting shows in the progress including Disney's The Jungle Book, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, Spectre, The Revenant and many more.



Here's some feedback from VFX artists who attended the last MPC Academy.

"Be yourself and try to extract as much as you want from the trainers, I guarantee they won’t hesitate for a moment to help you reach your dream to get inside MPC.”

"Trainers did an amazing job by being friendly at the same time showed us how to be professional and how work ethics is important when you work in MPC. They didn't just share the documented tutorials and PDFs, they shared their years of experience to get to know how production works and how things can be made easier to understand.”

"The training was thorough and the mentors were a big help. I am grateful that the mentors pooled in extra hours and assisted us throughout the day. Without the additional help I would be lagging behind. The feedback and reviews really updated me and helped me improve.”